Monday, May 7, 2012

The Big Head Cheat Code

Okay admit it, you have used the infamous "Big Head" cheat code in at least one videogame during your years of gaming.  And while we are visiting this nostalgic cheat code, it's okay to admit that you had a case of the giggles while witnessing balloon-headed characters go about their business.  As a kid I used this code countless times for various Nintendo 64 games, even if it only provided a laugh for about 20 seconds.

It seems like this cheat code used to be included in multiple genres of games, from sports games like NFL Blitz...

One of the stranger big head cheat codes, in most games this code usually makes all characters rock the swollen melon. first person shooters such as Goldeneye 007 on the N64:

Bond contemplates jumping off the dam to end the headache you have inflicted upon him.

Why did developers provide this cheat in so many games?  And why did we use this code?  Let's not be in denial, it was used, or else it would have gone extinct very early on.  Surely we aren't that immature to actually like this cheat code, are we?  Yes, we are, we like seeing distorted humans walk/run/talk.  It's cheap humor, and apparently it extended playtime to the point where developers found it worthwhile to include it in their games.

I hope this post was able to bring back some memories of the days when we would laugh at something stupid such as this......alright who am I kidding?  We still laugh at stupid things, otherwise Youtube would have disappeared long ago.

Out of curiosity, what were your favorite cheat codes back in the day?


  1. We always. ALWAYS. played Goldeneye multiplayer with this cheat code and paintballing turned on. IMO both actually made the game more playable, to the point where it was uncomfortable to play the game with either turned off.

    But then we played Goldeneye so much we had memorised the spawn pattern on each map. That's about when the game stopped being fun.

    1. I forgot about the paintball cheat code! Good times, it definitely was fun to use the big head code in multiplayer. I thought my brother and I spent a lot of time in multiplayer mode, but even we didn't manage to memorize the spawn pattern!

    2. To be fair, the reason I memorised it is a local N64 games magazine published all the spawn patterns. And being the competitive soul I am, I memorised them to get a leg up over my brothers.

      Being competitive souls as they are, my brothers figured out what I was doing, stole my magazine and also memorised the spawn patterns.

      The game literally became a case of "he who gets the first kill wins," after that.

      I'm just glad the N64 didn't have a Wii/ 3DS style activity log, because I shudder at the hundreds of hours that game would have sucked up. That and Smash Brothers.

    3. That's too bad that the multiplayer got ruined after you guys all figured out the spawn patterns, you should all get together sometime and see if you still remember all the patterns!

      Smash Bros ate up many hours of my life too, as did Ocarina of Time. Even after beating the Zelda game and finding all the secrets, I kept hunting for any possible easter eggs.

  2. Awesome... we spent soooo many hours in college playing Golden Eye, and those 'cheat' codes/modes really helped extend the life of the game

    1. For sure, that game had tons of cheats! I remember the extremely difficult and funny "enemy AI have rocket launchers" cheat, good times! You could spend days just trying out each and every different mode.

    2. Oh, we spent more than a night trying those out as a group. A few nights, a few cases of beers and lots of electronic death ensued. :)

    3. Sounds like it was a blast! It's hard to top a Goldeneye party.

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