Blog Achievements

Unlocked Achievements:

Hello World!
-Have an introductory blog post.

Welcome to the Blogosphere
-Receive a comment on a post.

Elite beginner
-Reach 1337 blog views.

Dry spell
-Don't post for at least a month.

-Have at least one post reach 1,000 views.

 Junior Blogger
-Reach 10,000 total blog views.

The Typist
-Post 50 blog entries.

Loyal Friends
-Have 10 blog followers.

Moderately Popular
-Reach 50,000 total blog views.

-Post 100 blog entries. 

-Reach 100,000 total blog views. 

Locked Achievements: 

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  1. What a great blog you have here love the awards page is this dynamically generated?

    You should start posting again do not give up these things build over time :-)

    My latest post: Happy Wheels - Part 1 | LEARNING THE ROPES AND SPIKES